Your Wildest Dreams

June 9, 2009

So I was thinking that having a couple of posts a week that are just general thoughts and ideas and well randomness probably wouldn’t be a bad thing.  And well this blog is titled “Random Ramblings …”

On my way home from lunch today I was listening to “The Moody Blues” and one phrase from a song has just been running through my head.

“When the music plays, when the words are touched with sorrow.”

Music has always been a very driving force in my life and I’ve always thought of it as an absoluetely awesome way a good song writer can depict emotions.  In fact if I don’t feel something from a song I don’t feel it’s a good song, nor usually a song worth listening to again.  Oddly enough it doesn’t matter what the song is, it will cause you to feel something.  That feeling may be boredom but it’s a feeling nonetheless.

Lately I’ve found myself listening to more instrumental music than I have in the past.  Now granted when I say instrumental, it’s likely heavy synth and rock instrumental as opposed to classical.  I’ve found that instrumentals have more of an effect on feeling than songs with lyrics, and yes I do kinda put a difference between feeling and emotion.

Well I know find my train of thought failing (in fact I started this around 2PM and it’s now 8:30PM), so I hope my little bit of writing has been interesting.  Until next time.

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