You Make Me Want To Be A Better Person

June 12, 2009

I’m sure most people have seen the movie “As Good As It Gets” with Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear.  If you haven’t, I’m sorry, the movie is over 10 years old so I’m not going to worry about spoiling anything for you.

So near the end of the movie Nicholson tells Hunt “You make me want to be a better person” during this sob story about his pills.  Have you ever felt like that or a had a person fill you with such joy that you want to change something about yourself?

Today I recieved a letter from my doctor.  I am evidently past due for my diabetes checkup (although I was informed in January they didn’t want to see me until August).  It made me realize I am horrible at taking pills.  I hate taking pills.  I’m supposed to take at least 12 pills a day.  That’s a lot of pills.  2 for sugar, 1 for blood pressure, 1 for a fast pulse, 5 for pain, 1 for high cholesterol, an aspirin for heart protection and a vitamin.  That’s a lot of fraking pills.

I admit that I forget a lot.  In fact I don’t think I’ve taken them for two weeks.  Why is that?  Because I too lazy to keep my pill bottles prepped.  I had a wonderful system of these nifty little vial like plastic tubes that I could fit a dose into.  I set them up to have morning and evening bottles.  I’d take each dose and then I’m supposed to toss them in a box so I can start refilling them … and well I don’t know where most of them are now.

I know I need to take my pills.  I know I need to lose weight – doing so means I don’t have to take my pills because my body should straighten itself out.  I want to be a better person.  I want to be around for my wife, my kids (when I have any), my family and my friends.

So now I sit here trying to figure out what to do.  I find myself sitting alone a lot lately.  I try to do constructive things (this blog for example).  I try to make things.  I try to do so many things.  In the end, I feel like I’ve done nothing.  I’ve always chocked this up to “It’s Life” and deal with it.  That may or may not be best way to handle, but until better things get figured out that’s how it will be.

And I’ve now realized that I’m moving farther and farther away from my thoughts when I started this post and should probably stop.  I’m going to try to write over the weekend, but I hope to have a new review up on Monday and hopefully going into the next week I’ll get better plans for what’s going to be posted regularly on track (or at least started).

2 Responses to “You Make Me Want To Be A Better Person”

  1. Kyle

    Hey, we’ve all been in the “what a waste of a day” boat. I found it happening frequently the summer after I returned to teaching, when we didn’t have a child. The only ways I’ve found out of it is either to 1) leave something physical behind in that day–even if it’s a simple, small project or 2) to find and share some new knowledge or skill, whether reading something and then passing thoughts and information to another, or learning and trying and new recipe, etc.

  2. Andrew

    I do know what you mean Kyle. The whole idea behind this blog is to try to leave a little behind every day. I just haven’t gotten much done this past week. I hope to have a review up tomorrow though.