Julie/Julia Review

August 11, 2009

On Friday night I decided my wife and I were going to see an early showing of the movie Julie/Julia.  We’d wanted to see the movie since we saw the previews.  I mean who wouldn’t want to see a Prada wearing witch turned french chef and an animated princess turned housewife.

Meryl Streep does an absolutely stunning job as Julia Child.  She was fun, amusing and kept me enthralled.  Amy Adams was also divine as Julie Powell.   While I enjoyed the parts about the blog that led to the book and movie the scenes in the fifties and sixties are what I kept waiting to go back to.

I firmly believe that after watching this movie you will have hundreds of urges to cook.  And do you know what I have to say to those urges?  DO IT! Just don’t burn down your house or make hot dog noodle soup.

I definitely give this movie a rating of 5/5.

Just remember, I laughed, I cried, I got fat, and you will too.

Bon Apetite

2 Responses to “Julie/Julia Review”

  1. Banana Peel

    Andrew, I’m so sorry I haven’t been reading. I totally thought I had added you to my RSS and just today I was realizing you haven’t written a post in FOREVER. But to my surprise I realized I still had your old blog in my RSS and not this one! Oops…sorry.

    I really enjoy reading your reviews. I am especially glad to know this movie is so good. I really have wanted to see it. And I love Meryl Streep!

    Please write more! We miss you guys and I love hearing about your thoughts/life.

  2. Andrew

    Good too here from you Jessica. I’m working on trying to update more, I just have this horrible habit of hating everything I write. I currently have 2 book reviews that I just keep erasing (yes Steven if you read this I know I need to stop doing that) so hopefully there will be more. With the planned move right now it’s getting a little hectic.