Some Updates, My Future, and a Request

August 17, 2011

Wow, March 2010 was my last post … I’ve been a bad blogger.

Anyways lets get started!


Well in the past year and a half I have:

  • applied for school
    • been accepted
    • been denied after the fact
  • had to move
    • back in with my parents
  • paid off big bills
  • celebrated Alan’s first birthday
  • finally got back in to school
  • learned to hate money even more than I already did
  • and having to deal with a family member losing their job

So there are a few updates. I’ll probably add more at another time.


Since I started back to school I’ve been working on my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. A good all around degree. But, like most students, I’ve found myself falling farther and farther away from the general and have found an area I would really love to focus on. Networking. Specifically Cisco Networking. The problem? I can’t change my degree or I’ll lose all of my financial aid. So I’m stuck in my current program for another year until I can graduate and reapply.

The big catch is I can actually teach myself the information and take certifications that say I’m competent enough to do the work.  The problem with that is it can be quite expensive between the tests and the equipment needed to study.  All of this brings me to ….


The certification exams I would like to take over the next year will cost roughly $725 and training equipment is roughly $300-500.

What I am hoping is that maybe my friends out here would be interested in giving a little or at least passing my page on to others that might be willing to help.  I’m going to have a PayPal “Donate” link setup on my page and anyone that would like to donate should feel free.

I am open to any questions you may have. There is not much I can really give back but my thanks and updates of how my training is going.

Thank you all for reading.

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