Diabetes update

October 19, 2011

So recently my body decided it was going to go wacky on me. My diabetes was just not working with one type of insulin shot. I ended up in the ER because of this. My sugar was over 600 and I was scared. The ER doctor was a jerk and more or less guaranteed I won’t go back to an ER for sugar problems.

Now ever before all that my sugar was going wacky. My family doctor decided it had moved beyond what she could help me with and scheduled me to see a specialist in Grand Rapids. I’ve met with a doctor, a nutritionist, and an RN that were all far above my expectations in what I thought they’d tell me. Like my family doctor, they genuinely seemed to care about me (unlike the ER doctor and nutritionists I’d worked with previously).

My last appointment was with the RN and one of the main things discussed were insulin pumps. I always thought of insulin pumps as a double-edged sword. On one hand it means I don’t have to give myself shots numerous times a day, which is a good thing, I HATE NEEDLES. I don’t care who says it, my shots hurt almost every single time I take one. On the other hand though, I always thought of it as losing. That I was unable to defeat this thing taking over my body.

The RN made a very good point to me. Its not losing, its just moving on to fighting with better tools.

On Monday night I faxed the forms requesting to be setup with a pump to the manufacturer. By Tuesday afternoon I had received a call from the local representative stating he had already contacted my doctor and my insurance company and that my insurance would cover a pump and a continuous glucose monitor (ie. I don’t have to check my blood sugar 4-8 times in a day, just 1-2). Also, because I was past my deductible for the year, my insurance would pay 90%. On top of that, I was only $532.30 from my annual out of pocket expenses before the insurance company would begin covering 100%.

So, I was told I’d need to pay the $532.30 to cover my pump, monitor, and a 90 day supply of disposable bits and pieces. That’s when my heart sank. I’m unemployed. I’m a full time student. Stay at home day. My only source of income is my wife, and we have many bills.

I’ve decided to repurpose my Donation button. If anyone would feel kind enough to help me raise this money I would be very appreciative. If anyone would also like to reshare this blog post, again I would very much appreciate it.

2 Responses to “Diabetes update”

  1. Christopher Stanton


    You should update this. Has everything managed to check out okay?

    I am not sure if you get notifications on comments here, but I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately; and I am sorry for how much of an asshole I’ve always been.

  2. Christopher Stanton

    If you ever get this, toss me an email: babe.in.the.egg@gmail.com