Leveling Up My Life

August 29, 2014

So it’s been just over a year and I was on that HMR diet. I was doing fine on it until my car blew up and I had to stop for lack of money. I had lost about 30 lbs and have since gained it all back. So now it’s on to something new. A while ago Elaine found a website called Nerd Fitness which is a site that talks about losing weight and getting in shape from a nerd perspective. It hooked me with the article RPG IRL: What’s Your Profession in which you pick a race that represents who you are (whether it’s dwarf, elf, halfling, ogre, etc) and pair it with a profession of what you want to become (Warrior, Ranger, Scout, Assassin, Monk, Druid). With each profession they list real life examples of said profession and what kind of things you have to do to make it there.

This week while reading through articles on the site I came across an article about the article about the Nerd Fitness Academy  where they state “The Improved Nerd Fitness Academy: Literally Level Up Your Life”. So I thought “What the heck? I’ll take a look.” So I started reading and then watched this video.

I thought that was pretty darn cool and I decided it was something I could do and signed up. So I’ve decided to use my blog as my tracker. Here I’ll post my various measurements and how my quests are going.

My Level 1 Stats are:

Height: 6’3.5″
Weight: 298.6 lbs
Body Fat %: 27.6
Neck: 48.5 cm
Chest: 137.5 cm
Left Biceps: 30.5 cm
Right Biceps: 32.5 cm
Waist: 129 cm
Hips: 116 cm
Left Thigh: 50.5 cm
Right Thigh: 57 cm
Left Calf: 40 cm
Right Calf: 42 cm

One of my quests is called “Find Your Big ‘WHY’ …” basically wanting to know why I’m doing this now. The big reasons are I’ve not been happy with how I look. I feel horrible, always in pain. I’ve got multiple diseases that may be able to be solved with weight loss and better dieting. And really I don’t want to die by the time I’m 35. I’ve got high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, moderate to severe depression and other things. I’m sure losing weight will help me feel better about myself.

Other things you’re going to see regularly is pictures of my food, this is going to be my log of what I ate. I’m not going to be counting calories, but following close to the Nerd Fitness use of the Paleo Diet although right now I’m still including rice and there’s a little sugar in my stir fry sauce. But really this looks like the best way to keep my sugar down and hopefully not needing insulin (I hate shots).

I’ll be updating my measurements monthly on the 29th of the month. Along with pictures to track my progress. Speaking of pictures, here’s the first four (they’re scary am I’m so very sorry).

8-28-2014 Right 8-28-2014 Back 8-28-2014 Left 8-28-2014 Front


Wow you can really see the tan in my arm in the picture. Anyways there’s me starting out at Level 1. And by the end of posting this I’ll have completed enough quests to be Level 2. So be expecting pictures of food (except for my eggs this morning which I forgot to take). I’ll post the previous days food pictures each day (or I’ll post them that night if I’m so inclined).


Thanks for reading.

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