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Ding Level 3

August 31, 2014

So I haven’t been great with the taking pictures of my food, hopefully that will start tomorrow (for real this time!). But, while checking off things I did this weekend I had this happen:

Leveling Up My Life

August 29, 2014

So it’s been just over a year and I was on that HMR diet. I was doing fine on it until my car blew up and I had to stop for lack of money. I had lost about 30 lbs and have since gained it all back. So now it’s on to something new. A […]

The Steps to a New Me

August 12, 2013

Hello and welcome to the blog I seem to never update. Some things that have happened?’ I graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Alan has started at a Montessori school Elaine got a promotion My van got into an accident and is awaiting repairs (for almost a year now) Things that haven’t […]

Life Changes

March 3, 2010

Right now I look down at my clock and it says “9:03 AM” and all I can do is think … “crap, three more hours”.  Today is the day I start insulin treatments for my diabetes.  Of the few people that read my blog I’m sure you all know that I’ve been diabetic for about […]

Being Diabetic in a Non-Diabetic World (or Household)

September 4, 2009

Many who read this may or may not know that I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes around five years ago.  Since then I have done very poorly at remembering to take my medication or check my blood sugar. Enter [url=http://www.rememberthemilk.com]Remember the Milk[/url] and my nifty new glucometer.  I’ve been using RtM for roughly three […]

I’m Still Alive

August 8, 2009

For those who read my earlier posts thanks.  I’m sorry I’ve been out of sync with writing.  Every time I sit down to write the internal editor says “NO!” and deletes it. There have been a lot of things to happen since my last post and I’ve just been overwealmed to say the least.  Many, […]

You Make Me Want To Be A Better Person

June 12, 2009

I’m sure most people have seen the movie “As Good As It Gets” with Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear.  If you haven’t, I’m sorry, the movie is over 10 years old so I’m not going to worry about spoiling anything for you. So near the end of the movie Nicholson tells Hunt “You […]